Limestone Slabs

  • Limestone Marble

    Limestone Marble

    Limestone Marble: white color, soft texture, black spots, poor luminosity, fear of pollution, easy to break, difficult to glue. Natural marble slabs are high-finished materials and are mainly used in buildings with high architectural decoration requirements.
    The Vega Head is a light beige / whitish colored limestone, with uniform background, medium grain and medium hardness. It presents a brown colored grain, whose main variations can go from thin to medium. The NCV may present some irregular irregular veinage or shades. This is a limestone with tremendous future

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  • Travertine Marble

    Travertine Marble

    The background color is similar to the ivory color (or close to it), the lines are straight and compact, and the holes are thinner and more compact. It is prone to cracks, streaks, and color lines. There are four styles - 1, NANONA: the background color is relatively white, the cream is stronger, the defects are more, the yield is less; 2, CLASSICO: the background color is more milky yellow, the color is relatively uniform, the output is relatively large; 3, MICHELANGLO : Mainly there are more white spots and fewer types of holes; 4, SILVER: The domestic market is mainly called silver ash cave, with gray belt.

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  • Portugal Beige Limestone

    Portugal Beige Limestone

    Portugal Beige Limestone is a high-finished material, mainly used in buildings with high architectural decoration requirements, such as monumental buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations and other large public buildings. Finishing materials for interior walls, cylinders, floors, stair steps, etc. can also be used for stair railings, service desks, door faces, wall skirts, window sills, skirting boards, etc.

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